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The new MFA security gap deciphered — Real-world guide on how to fix it

For C-Level Executives & Security Managers

Last Updated on June 8, 2024

White Paper - AI fraud-prevention solution

As businesses move online, the rise in cybercrime has become a significant challenge. Around 65% of organizations have already experienced major security incidents that jeopardize their business operations. And this is just the beginning: cyber attackers are now using advanced AI-driven technologies, making robust cybersecurity more crucial than ever.

The white paper addresses several critical questions:

Why old security measures like MFA don't work anymore. What should we implement instead?

Why around 50% of SMBs don’t have any cybersecurity plan in place. How to overcome revealed challenges.

How to protect your online users with the latest anti-fraud solution even if you have a Startup and the resources are limited.

We’ll delve into practical measures on how to equip your business with the tools to combat cyber threats by leveraging behavioural metrics and AI & ML technologies.

Behavioural Metrics

Link Analysis

Digital Footprint technologies

Behavioural Analytics

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